Common Issues With Your Gutters

Common Issues With Your Gutters

When it comes to your gutters, they are designed to keep water away from your home and to flow away into a drainable area.  When we don’t clean our gutters or if they fall into a state of disrepair, it may be time to looking into gutter replacement vancouver.  Before this happens however, here are some tips and tricks that you can use to maintain your current gutters.

Clean them out

Cleaning your gutters can be chore.  Getting up onto your ladder and pulling leaves and debris from the gutters can be a long job for a Saturday morning.  However, if you get up there and keep them cleaned on a regular basis you won’t have issues with flowing water and clogged spouts.

Sagging gutters

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Over time the screws and the other connections keeping your gutters attached to the house will begin to weaken.  This can be caused by storms, large gusts of wind and expanding and contracting metal from the weather.  If your gutters begin to sag, you will want to get over to them and tighten up the supports.  The sooner you can do this the less stress you will have on your house.

Wrong gutter pitch

The pitch of your gutter can cause you issues as well.   Similar to sagging gutters, if the gutters you have are installed could have been installed on the wrong pitch compared to your roof.  If this is the case the water may not flow correctly or pool in different areas.  When you have your gutters installed or replaced make sure that they install everything on the correct pitch.

Inadequate system

Finally, you may just have a system that is inadequate for the amount of rain that you get in your area or because of other reasons.  If you find this to be the fact, you want to upgrade your gutters to a larger gutter, additional flow spouts or whatever will increase the performance of your gutter system.