Month: June 2020

5 Myths About Dental Implants

A lot of misinformation gets sound these days. With the help of the internet and social media sites like Facebook, it takes little time for information to spread. This means you’ll hear many myths along with truths. When scheduling a procedure such as a dental implant surgery aurora, listening to the myths can make the procedure for scarier than it should be. Learn the truth and you can avoid any trouble when it’s time to get dental implants. Some of the most common myths surrounding dental implants include:

1.    I Can’t Afford the Surgery: While dental implant procedures cost more than other options for tooth restoration and are not typically covered by insurance, a variety of payment options exist. You can ease the costs of the $500+ each procedure thanks to the options for paying.

2.    People Will Know I’m Using an Implant: Dental implants are chosen more often than dentures because they look and feel more like natural teeth. No one will ever know the implant isn’t a natural tooth, unless you divulge the information, of course.

dental implant surgery aurora

3.    They Don’t Last: Another quality that people appreciate about dental implants is their long-lasting quality. Dentures need to be replaced after 5 -7 years but when taken care for, dental implants can last a lifetime.

4.    It’s a Simple Procedure: Although this myth may make you feel better, it is also untrue. Dental implant procedures take several months to complete so if you want a fast procedure, this is not it!

5.    Implants are for Old People: Anyone, regardless of age, can smile with confidence when they choose dental implants as their tooth restoration option. Younger people have stronger jaw bones and structures so it works well for younger people who’ve lost a tooth and need a great replacement.

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